Paging and Messaging   

WCTP 1.1 Server

This WCTP (Wireless Communication Transfer Protocol) Server implements the WCTP 1.1 protocol as defined by You can examine this implementations DTD (Document Type Definition) at WCTP version 1.1 DTD.

Use of this facility requires a login/password. You must register to use this system by filling in a Short Registration Form.

After successfully registering, use your WCTP client software to send a valid XML request to using the login/password you registered. A WCTP compliant XML response will be returned after the request has been processed. A typical WCTP message submittal might look like:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE wctp-Operation 
     SYSTEM "">
<wctp-Operation wctpVersion="wctp-dtd-v1r1"> 
    <wctp-SubmitHeader submitTimestamp="2004-03-31T09:45:00"> 
	  <wctp-Originator senderID="myLoginName" 
      <wctp-MessageControl messageID="test00"/>
      <wctp-Recipient recipientID="8005551212"/> 
    <wctp-Alphanumeric>Testing 123</wctp-Alphanumeric> 

The above WCTP XML code is using what is called WCTP Enterprise Mode, defined by the <wctp-SubmitRequest> element. Notice that the password is in the securityCode attribute of the <wctp-Originator> element. When using the Transient Client Mode, defined by the <wctp-SubmitClientMessage>, the password should be placed in the miscInfo attribute of the <wctp-Originator> element.

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